does Cg work in opengl with ATI graphic boards ?

all is in the question.

Yes. Compile for ARB_FP/ARB_VP profiles

To qualify that, it will only work on those ATI boards which support ARB_FP and ARB_VP. This does not cover all of ATIs fragment/vertex program hardware. For example it will work on most 9XXX boards but none in previous generations, 8XXX, 7XXX etc.

I found that the Cg runtime does have some bugs which means that you can’t use the Cg API to bind attrib streams. The Cg runtime seems to think that an extension it requires is missing. You can circumvent the Cg runtime of course but in the case of attrib streams this actually proves to be a bit of pain, though not impossible.

for ARB_FP and ARB_VP you speak about ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program ?


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ok thanks guys !