Does anyone use opengl to do ring screen?

We want to use three projectors to make a ring screen with 120 degree. We use three perspective camera which rotate 40 degree, but can’t join them to a continute image, because they are not the same at the join point.

Any advice?


What are you asking?

You have a physical display problem that OpenGL cannot solve, namely gaps between your screens.

Display systems exist that can solve this, mainly projection based systems like SEOS Prodas.

To display with OpenGL on your displays you just need to figure out the frustum each display makes with the eye and the orientation of each display and on the video to each display apply the appropriate projection and viewing transformations.

You need hardware to generate 3 independent video signals to send to each screen in your display. It will also help if you can genlock or at least framelock your graphics systems, if you have independent systems as opposed to multiple video signals from a single graphics system.

You don’t mention so many key things, like your computer configuration, graphics hardware, resolution etc.

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Thanks for your advice.

But it’s not a physical display problem. I mean we can ignore physical projector’s disort, i can’t use opengl to generate three continuted image use three perspective camera.