Does anyone make a flowcharting API for OpenGL?

I really like the features of MindFusion’s FlowChart.NET which I’ve used in .NET WinForms apps, however I really would like to get away from WinForms and no longer be tied to the Win32 platform only.

I think OpenGL along with FLTK can do this for me but I cannot find an equivalent API for flowcharting/diagramming. It would be an absolutely daunting task to write something nearly as feature rich so that is out of the question.

Hopefully someone can recommend a commercial or open source equivalent?

For comparison purposes here is link to screenshots of the FlowChart .NET API I am looking to replace, many thanks!

Have you tried running FlowChart.NET under Mono/Linux? If they are P/Invoking to the win32 api, there’s a good chance it will work from the get-go. If they do, you can always install Mono/Windows on Wine and run it that way.

Just make sure you are using the latest version of Mono (1.2.6 at this point). If it can run Paint.NET, then it can probably run this :wink: