DoD approved software

Does anyone know if OpenGL and OpenAL are on approved Department of Defense lists of approved software? Yes I realize that there are many military sims utilize these libraries, but I am looking for a document and/or site that specifically states that this is so.

I am having difficulty convincing our security personnel in my lab that, yes indeed I can download the libraries and use them on our secure networks.

Thank you.
Scott Casey

OpenGL is used in aircraft cockpit displays, you might want to start there…

I would think you’d need to contact the US Department of Defence about this question… but my assumption would be yes, as OpenGL is simply a library and has entry points into many languages from C to ADA (depending on the version of OpenGL and what hardware you are using). Although, personally, I hate ADA… so avoid it.

But for sure, and I know this for a fact, many of the most modern flight sims are using OpenGL as the rendering engine and usually a toolkit of some sort that sits on top of OpenGL. Since any complex flight sim is likely to use a toolkit of some sort, your question needs to be expanded to what toolkits are acceptable as well. In any case, ask the DOD (or whichever branch of the US armed forces you are working with) because they are the only ones capable of answering this question.


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