Documentation of OpenCL 3.0 C++ API

I’m looking for an overview of the classes in the OpenCL API C++ bindings, from
Khronos’s OpenCL-CLHPP pages

The doxygen documentation describes function parameters etc., but no overview of when to use particular classes.
For example, there is a cl::CommandQueue class, and a cl::DeviceCommandQueue class - when should which one be used?
Also, there is a cl::EnqueueArgs class - when should it be used?

Any help locating an overview document would be gratefully received.

Reference documentation isn’t supposed to say that. Reference docs are for describing how a function or class works, not when to use it. You should be looking for general OpenCL documentation.

Thanks for the reply.

Of course, you are correct: reference documentation is not supposed to say that.

I did not intend to be critical of the reference documentation - I’m merely trying to find the general OpenCL documentation. My command queue example was simply to clarify what I was trying to find.
Looking on the resources page for Khronos, I did not see what I was looking for.

Do you have any suggestions on where I might find that information?