Do you want to test my game?

If somebody is intrested testing my game (just another asteroids clone) here’s the address or
<a href=“” target="_blank"></a>

left/right turn
up move
down shield
space shoot
enter cast asteroid
F1 capture screen

Just download and inform me what type of computer, graphics gard you have and how many frames per second did you get.

If somebody is intrested to create textures for this game just send some mail to me, you will find the mail address from the site.

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Very cool. It works and looks great for me.

My PC:
Pentium III 600
Geforce 256 SDR
128 RAM

I would add a control key to brake…


Oh, forgot to say: 123 fps, constant.

Yeah it may move a bit too fast, but this is still very early version…

Will you release the source code? If so, I may be interested! Regards.

That is great!! I love the way the burner and the laser shots are light sources. Also nice use of particles.


Wow, cool!

I have a PIII 450 and a GeForce256. It ran at 150 fps with no asteroids.

Hey, that’s promising !
Already love it

TBird 1ghz
RadeON DDR 64
260 fps without asteroids.

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90 FPS
Celeron 533
GeForce 2 MX

Oh man, i love it … I had to play it for a full 15 minutes …

xlnt work

187 FPS
GeForce 2 GTS


That looks awesome !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

PIII 933
192mb SDR (pc133)
GeForce2 MX (Det. 11.01)
Win2K Pro (without SP)
249 FPS @ 800x600x16

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the game rocks!

tnt2 (1024x768x32)
win 2k pro


Yes, it looks really nice and the matter that it took more than twenty minutes till I pressed the escapekey to continue my work, so…I am working in a gamesoftware-developer firm and…I don’t think you can make a “real” big game of it, but a nice little game in any case. If you would build some maps through which the user has to fly, would still make everything looking a bit better at the moment (the light looks great in my opinion, but the halo around the earth…well =), but…yeap, it’s really fine, much look.

By the way, it runs with 100fps on my
AMD Athlon 600 with a Geforce 2 MX.

  Michael / VX-Software Gmbh.

I must say that it is still early beta version, and there will be lots of enemy types and levels.

My biggest prob is that I’m no artist or modeller… and without cool looking models and textures the game is nothing, I think. So if somebody is intrested to give a shot please send some email to me!

By the way huge thanks to everyone who tested Thrust and shared a information with me. I promise that there will be new versions although I don’t have much spare time, but keep visiting my page, if you were intrested.

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I like it. :]
Athlon 650 (1st Gen)
128 MB PC100
Geforce 32MB
90 fps

Hi miikkal,
well, you should look in chatrooms, in IRC for example or search in ICQ for hobby-3D-graphicians and 2D-graphicians. If you want I can still post you an exporting-library for 3D-Studio Max4, which the graphicians here are using to export theirs models into simply readable ASCII files you can convert into your own format as we do. In any case I am sure, you can make a game of it whichs making a lot of fun, if you’ll invest enough time into it, automatically nothing happens, you know =).

     Michael / VX

Well I quess that I don’t need such export library right now, but thanks any way. I try to search for artist/modeller from places you suggested, I even had one contact already, but I don’t know what will happen.
Thanks Michael for your help and “pointers”.

Very nice

Keep up that good work!

Stats as follow:

Matrox G400
W2K Pro
80 FPS (vsync off)

Geforce 256 DDR
W2K Pro
160 FPS (vsync off)

W2K Pro
262 FPS (vsync off)



Nice one!

Tbird 900MHz
256MB SDRAM(PC133)
GeForce2 MX 32MB SDRAM
102476832bpp(vsync off): 34 fps!!!

Why is it sooo slow? Anyone please help me!