Do you know... ?

I heared some rumors that now SGI is developing a new product equivalent with DirectX that instead of D3D has Ogl. Is it true? Does anyone know something about this?


I think not - there is no need to. SGI never attempted to invade consumer market, AFAIK. Though the idea is good - and currently I am working on some stuff like that.

Are you talking about OpenML ?

There was a “news” about this a while ago…
I can not remember if SGI was the creator of the idea but as far as I remember, OpenML would be a cross-platform kind of DirectX.

You would have OpenGL for rendering (of course !), probably OpenAL for sound (well, they would have to make it work actually…), certainly something called OpenIL for input, etc, etc…

I must say I haven’t heard about OpenML since the “news” was posted…

I am sure this would be great to have such a thing as OpenML but I am afraid time is running and nothing is done for this to happen…



If you were talking about OpenML, there is a white paper about it at :

SGI is part of SIG (Special Interest Group) for OpenML…


Yes I was talking about OpenML. And the idea is good.


There is also OpenAL


You are correct the is a project between MS and SGI it is called Fahrenheit. You can read an article about it here:


After reading more about it I discovered that the Fahrenheit project is almost dead. Here is an article talking about about Fahrenheit being dead and this is in 1990…



Just one post and then I will stop. It seems that Fahrenheit started out as a great idea to combine the strengths of both opengl and Direct3D and the scene graph technology that Open Inventor uses. (SGI is the world leader in scene graph technology and it makes managing a large 3D worlds very easy.) After SGI gave Microsoft the scene graph technology, Microsoft must have turned on them because SGI immediately backed out and stopped support of Fahrenheit on IRIX and Linux. Fahrenheit is now in Microsoft’s control and of course will used to make money instead of provide a universal easy to use and cool API. They have recently renamed the Fahrenheit project to: “Microsoft Extensible Scene Graph” or “XSG.” They will be shipping XSG SDK’s soon ( Just another example of Microsoft stealing or bullying someone else’s great technology from them. If I was SGI I would be very upset!!! In case you didn’t know SGI founded OPENGL.


I think that OpenML won’t have the faith of Farenheit. Because if nVidia and 3dfx are in the developer team they try to make the libraries so they work very well with their cards. So if they develop the whole library then it will be optimized for these.
Anyway we will see.