Do Open_GL support RAGE LT PRO AGP 2X?

I wonder if Open_GL support

Hey there, I sure would like an answer to this also as I have the same card in a Dell notebook under Win2k, Directx 8.0 and no drivers from ATI or Dell that have opengl support. ughhh…

First of all, aLKaL|N3, you got it backwards – a card needs to supports OpenGL (through its driver), and not the other way round.

Anyway, a good place to ask about this is the Rage Pro forum at

Guys, the Rage LT Pro drivers on the ATI website do support OpenGL. Particularly the 4.11.2628 driver as the text specifically says it does. I can’t say for sure that their “recommended driver” (ie. 4.12.2632) does support openGL but it seems to have openGL related config information in the .INF file and a driver file to match. So I’m taking this driver home to try tonight to see if it will let me run “Alice”. FYI, the default WinME drivers for the Rage LT Pro don’t support openGL at all so I’m going to have to see whether the 4.12.2632 driver works with ME. The ATI site says it should.