Do new gpu's all support OpenGL?

I play an old game called Shadowbane.
I reinstalled windows XP, so I updated my ati x1950xt drivers, then started getting a “Software OpenGL context” message… then exe’ed repeatedly.

I found my original ati driver disk (4 yrs old) and put the older driver back on, works fine now.

So, do new graphics card drivers not support openGL? or something else went wrong for me?
Is there a list somewhere of which new cards support openGL?


then started getting a “Software OpenGL context” message

Hard to say anything if you can not show the exact and complete message…
A typical error is checking for GL version 1.x and not taking in account 2.x, 3.x etc.
Or reading a truncated version of the GL extension list.
It can help too if you can tell the version of your old and new display driver.

this ASIC (r5xx) was dropped from the main catalyst driver release. the last driver for this HW was cat 9.3; you should be able to download it from the amd website:…mp;lang=English

All new cards should support OpenGL, although one can occasionally find drivers that don’t include OpenGL support for one reason or another, normally on account of having been supplied by Microsoft or an OEM.

You say that you updated your drivers, but where did you get the updated drivers from? If it was Windows Update, they likely won’t include OpenGL. If from your computer manufacturers website, it’s also possible.