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I am trying to write my first OpenGL app - a falling blocks tetris style game (using glut). I want the blocks to periodically descend the screen as the player positions them. What is the best way in OpenGl to perform this periodic adjustment?

This part is not a function of openGL, but of how you structure the program.

Since you are using GLUT, I would use one of the GLUT timer functions.

// Call in your startup code
glutTimerFunc( 10, TimeEvent, 1); // Ourtime event

static void TimeEvent(int te)
// animation and objects that are moving without user intervention.

My_falling_blocks_que(); // Call routine to see if a block needs to start falling.

My_falling_blocks_update(); // Call to update current falling blocks.

glutPostRedisplay(); // Update screen with new falling blocks locations.
glutTimerFunc( 100, TimeEvent, 1); // Reset our timmer, so that it is called again in 100ms.

void display(void)


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