dlopen or glXGetProcAddressARB


i am about to write a litle computer game on linux,
and i want to know, which one of this techniques is
more professional?
It should compile even if with no gl library on the
compiling mashine.
Is it possible to use a combination of both,
and then the rest with glXGetProcAddressARB,
or is this not a good idea?
To me it looks like glXGetProcAddressARB is
some kind of wrapper for dlsym, isnt it?

Kind regards

Florian Engelhardt

This is not a good idea. Gl extensions should be ‘loaded’ with the glXGetProcAddressARB function.

If the compiling machine (and the aim machine) don’t have gl libraries, you should not use gl but do all 3D stuff by software.