DLL Using OpenGl


I am new to OpenGL. I have to create a dll using OpenGL that will take the pdc from an application and set the camera and other properties of the AutoCAD(ViewPort) so that AutoCAD can draw pointcloud efficiently.

please excuse my ignorance, but what is pdc?

If I understand you correctly you want to write an Autocad plugin. I doubt that anyone here can help you with that. Please ask some Autocad peopleā€¦

Context Device (CDC*) is class in VC++.Pdc can be an Object of this Class which helps to draw on canvas.

Yes, you are right, but the thing is the Points,Camera Angle and other view Port properties would be passed to my DLL and I will have to render it.I am new to OpenGL and do not know the various classes available GLUT Library.

sorry class of MFC

Ok thank you nilu12.

I am not sure to understand, you need to call opengl commands to draw in the autoCAD viewport or do you draw in a seprate window?

First case, Zengar is right and you should read how to write a AutoCAD plugin, I doubt that you have to render directly in in the viewport.

Second case, if you need information about glut, this tutorial is good. Then, you can find more information about opengl in NeHe tutorials.