Is it possible to use openGL with DJGPP? If so, what should I download and install?

Hi !

You can’t use OpenGL from dos, the only solution I can think of is to use Mesa (I do think Mesa at least had support for DJGPP in the past), but this will only give you software rendering, now hardware support at all.


hmm… djgpp under dos… never (ok, mesa could do it…). but check your docs, there some utility to create win32 apps under djgpp. this could be solution but veeery stupid

download some win32 gcc port and you’ve got it!!!

Well, well… I don’t know a lot about this stuff but i found this page about

may help…

I used to use DJGPP in the old DOS/Win3.x/Win95 days, but now there is a much better solution: MinGW32 . It’s GNU for Windows, without any 3rd party DLLs needed. It generates pure, stand-alone Windows applications. Oh, and it supports OpenGL

Just download the MinGW 2.0.x installation package (.exe), install, and add the ‘bin’ directory in the installed dir to your path, and you’re ready to compile.