dividing a window

how do I divide a window into 2 parts so that
the upper part shows a picture while the bottom part shows something else ???

do you mean like 2 separate windows on top of each other or just a line down the middle with different drawing areas?

Hi endo …

I mean a single window with 2 different drawing areas =)
Thanks for your help

I’ve not been doing this long but surely that means drawing a line across the middle and specifying 2 viewports to draw in the respective portions of the window.

This may or may not be correct but it doesnt sound too hard compared to having to separate windows


You might also need glScissor and glEnable if you do stuff like drawpixels or have thick lines or need to screen clear independently, anything not clipped to the viewport basically.

Thx Dorbie, I knew there was something missing from my post