divided kinematic chains in Collada 1.5

I want to create a serial kinematics in Collada 1.5 that is divided like a tree (more specific - an anthropomorphic robot hand).
If I understand the documentation correctly, it is only possible to divide the chain by insertion several
attachment_full elements within the same link.

<link sid="A"> 
   <attachment_full joint="model/jointB"> 
      <link sid="B"/> 
   <attachment_full joint="model/jointC">  
      <link sid="C"/> 

However, this means the subchains start at the exactly the same point with exactly the same orientation.
I think it would be much more useful if you could specify several links after an attachment_full.
Is there any possibility to achieve this without the need to introduce additional (synchronized) joints?

Thank you a lot in advance,

Hello Stefan,

the transformation of an attachment element is done within the element itself. So you can put to different joints under a link with different transformation.

<link sid=“A”>
<attachment_full joint=“model/jointB”>
<translate>10 0 0</translate>
<link sid=“B”/>
<attachment_full joint=“model/jointC”>
<translate>20 0 0</translate>
<link sid=“C”/>

The rule is the same as for nodes. The transformations within a node element defines the frame relative to its parent.
So, the transformation within an attachment element defines the frame relative to its parent link element, and the transformation within a link element defines the frame relative to its parent attachment element.

Looking to the spec, there seems to be a bug on page 10-6 in the example. But the example on page 10-8 looks correctly.



Thank you very much Steffen. I think this should be pointed out more clearly in the documentation - perhaps place there an example of a forked kinematics?