Distributing custom opengl32.lib

I’m creating an OpenGL profiler and I’ve added some custom functions which reside in the compiled opengl32.dll library and have entry points in the associated opengl32.lib. I havn’t read anywhere that says I can’t, but is it legal to distribute the opengl32.lib file with the software for developer use? I’ve heard from one person that you are not allowed to do it on the Windows platform, but I cannot find any documentation or literature corroborating this. Does anybody have an idea? And for clarity purposes, no functions already existing in opengl32.dll have modified behavior in the version I’m producing. They produce the same exact output. The only difference is I’ve added some new functions.

Just curious - if you are simply adding functions, why not produce your own library and simply include it when linking or loading? Doing so would eliminate any issues with re-distribution, wouldn’t it?

I have classes which reside in opengl32.dll that monitor the OpenGL stream. The functions I’m wanting to expose to the developer set properties for these classes, so I’d like to have them consolidated in a single dll without having go resort to multiple dlls and/or libs.

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