Displaying video stream

I would like to display some video stream in my OpenGL window. Could any one guide me about that? The idea is that it will keep on showing the video, but when a key is pressed, the video will pause i.e. it will show a still image.

You will need a decoder for the video - this will depend on what your stream format is - quicktime/avi etc. There are SDK’s for all of these. If you are avi you need the right codex installed. This is all outside the scope of this forum. Once you have the image in a buffer it is straight forward to display; just load a texture with the bits and display it as whole window quad.

This topic may not fall into opengl forum, but I need some pre-processing guidance. Could you give me some more specific information about decoder? If you mention the website for installation, it would be of great help to me.

Microsoft have a couple of SDK’s for multimedia but I haven’t done this stuff for a long time. Search under “Microsoft AVI SDK” or “Microsoft multimedia SDK”. Apple have one for quicktime but it only works in 32 bit mode and think they have discontinued support so it wont work on later compile like VS 2012. Their is also MP4 but I don’t know about SDK’s for it.