Displaying on C++Builder forms?

Can anybody please give me a fool explanation of how to render in a C++builder form. I don’t have much experience using HDC’s.

Hi there,

in the OnShow event create your pixelformat
in the normal way but to get the HDC just

HDC dc = GetDC(Form1.Handle);

then place the code for resizing the viewport
etc in the relevant events ie OnResize

hope it helps

if you would like some full demo source i can
email you some of my old code (i now use
delphi) however this is not very well commented, or i
think there are some demos on nehe’s site.
(they may only use the console apps though as
i think they use GLUT)


Yeah, that would be a lot of help. Since i don’t even kwow exactly how to do what you say, i have some examples but i don’t really know how they work, etc.
My email is rsm_00x@yahoo.com.