Displaying messages on the OpenGL scene

I’m drawing some 3D OpenGL scene (I’m working with
Borland C++ Builder ,but it its not important in
my problem)

In the corner of the window (on the OpenGL scene) I want to print out some regular text - without any effects (like to display messages,or some game status)
I put Label Control on the window,but
it’s not working.

How to do it ?

what you can do is something like this:

// your 3D stuff

// go into ortho mode

// and then print your text here

opengl doesn’t have a native font-displaying mechanism. if you already have the means, then good. if not, either look up glutbitmapfont or maybe even creating your own font-displaying mechanism.

I hope that helps.


Can I switch in the same scene between different
display modes and dimensions?
If yes where can I read about it(see samples)?
This means that I can draw also the picture background in 2d mode - this can save a lot of calculations ,and only the scene
objects draw in 3d mode?