display video using openGL

I am new to openGL, I want to create window under linux and read a video sample file, convert to RGB and display this sample on the window.

I had used glut…() functions and able to display the video.

My query is: Is it possbile to display video without using glut() functions. (especially glutMainLoop()).

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Yes it is possible. But why ?
Using a glut timer you should be able to display the video with correct refresh rate.

EDIT: direct Xlib sample available on the twiki :

Sure, Thanks. The problem that I am facing is that I have two different threads (one for displaying video and one for updating the video content). Now, if I am using glutMainLoop(), it is not allowing the other thread to execute. So, if I try to render the video in real time, it is causing me problems. Has someone seen this kind of problem earlier