Display Properties. CS got screwed.

Alright guys, here is the problem.

I am running a gainward geforce 3 AGP as my primary video card. I just picked up a cheap geforce 4 mx440 pci for my secondary monitor. It seems as though it has screwed some stuff up, and I think CS is using the geforce 4 (which i want it to use te geforce 3).

In opengl mode in CS, everything looks fruity. Here is a pic of aim_map.

I have found that in Direct 3d mode, it shows up normal, but i dont get constant 100fps like i do with opengl, and when there is a lot of action going on, i only get like 70fps. So i can’t be having that.

This is another screenshot, in windows. It is showing my geforce 3 as number 2, not number 1.

and here is in windows, after i click the identify button, also showing that the geforce 4 is number 1 and clicked “extend my window on this monitor” or whatever. Sure enough, the monitor to my right that doesnt have the taskbar is showing number 1. That is why i think it is using the geforce4 (WHICH I DONT WANT) in Counter-Strike.

Any help please?

Why are you complaining about 70 fps versus 100?

Seems like you’re bitchin’ about nothing to me.

well because it can stoop down to 50fps. When your in cal-i it matters.

It seems as though CS is using the geforce 4. I disabled the geforce 4, so i couldnt use dual monitors, got into CS, in opengl mode, and sure enough, everything worked dandy. When i only used the geforce4, and disabled geforce 3, it was all screwed up.

the geforce 4 is taking over command, and i do not want it to. I checked the bios starting up and everything looks correct.

using dual monitors screw open gl based games. ALWAYS DISABLE IT