display not working on another System

Hello there,

I have developed an application using OpenGL, wxWidgets using c++ under miscrosoft visual C++ 2008 express edition on windows XP… i converted my existing project into release mode and created a setup of that application…

Next just to test whether it works on another PC, i installed the setup and found that it was installing and the application was working fine… but whatever i want to display on the glcanvas is not getting displayed… But the same code when executed in debug mode is working fine…

Any dll’s of opengl need to be installed into the target machine to make it run…??

Thanks in advance

You’ve probably got some bugs. Debug initializes variables, while release does not. If debug version works on the target machine, there is probably your fault. I have to admit that I haven’t used wxWidgets. Maybe they cause some kind of trouble.

To be sure that the right version of OpenGL is installed on the target machine, in your initialization code test the version.

I’m not using glut… I’m using the Opengl32.dll and glu32.dll… These dll comes along with Operating system… So how do i know which version is my openGL of…??

I have removed all uninitialized variables… can u clear me which variables are you focusing on…?? OpenGL variables or simple C++ variables…??


You didn’t mention on which OS you are trying to test your application. If it is Windows, only GL 1.1 is supported for sure. Everything else depend on driver. If you are using only GL 1.1 functionality need not wary. :slight_smile:

In any other case, you have to check version of GL.

All variables! OpenGL has default values for all variables, hence check C++/yours variables.


I am running my app on windows and i checked my version yesterday… It is 1.4… How do i upgrade it to the latest one or atleast 1.5…??

I found from net that the latest release is 3.2… But i guess it is glut… Will it suffice my requirement…?? As i’m not using GLUT… :slight_smile:


Just install new drivers. I hope that you have to deal with NVIDIA, or at least AMD/ATI, or … you are in BIG TROUBLE! :slight_smile:

Yes, the latest release of GL is 3.2. GLUT is totally independent library, and is quite useless with GL 3.x core functionality.


I downloaded a latest version of my graphics card driver and installed… My GPU Name is ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 SERIES… And it supports only OpenGL 2.0…

Its working fine til now… What do i do in order to avail features of OpenGL 3.2 other than upgrading my system…?? :slight_smile:


All new features of GL 3.2 exists as separate extensions for GL 2.
But your card is quite old, so most new hardware features will not be available.
Can someone (with more ATI experience) confirm ?