Display Lists

I am using display lists to improve performance in my application. In an effort to do this I am compiling the entire scene (sans the overlay) in a list. This works great and improves performance dramatically. However, I must recompile the list whenever the scene changes (i.e. if the user uses the scroll bars to move the scene).

My question is this: Does the scene get rendered during a GL_COMPILE or is it just storing commands for later rendering? I ask because my scene is flickering as if it is not being rendered to the screen during a display list compile.


There are two tokens, one to draw & compile the other to compile. The compile token should not draw.

You may want to break the display lists into multiple lists and draw them to avoid recompiling the whole list.

Remember too that a display list can call another display list, That may speed your display list compilation while keeping it on the card. The secret is again, split whatever you’re drawing into multipe lists.

or use vertex_buffer_object if the scene changes.