display lists vs. vertex arrays - quickest???

For static geometery which is quicker???

I am drawing a world which is made up of clusters, the clusters them selves can move within the world, but the data for each cluster is static.

What is the quickest method of drawing the clusters?

simple. unanswerable
it depends on the driver

I believe on Geforce type cards, VAR with Fences is slightly quicker than display lists.

On the Radeon your best bet currently is display lists.

safe bet.
use the display list.
and it will work on all cards…
where var will only work on a geforce 1x+ series…

-akbar A.

Aren’t display lists stored in VRAM?

If soo, too many might degrade performance if you have a canny few textures.

I personally (for a largish scene) would only use display lists to store state changes in. Or very small objects.