display list problem with nvidia driver


I am running an opengl test application called svPerfGL. The application is a triangle rendering performance testing app. More information is available here: http://vis.lbl.gov/Research/svPerfGL/. The application renders a rotating image composed of several million triangles. The user has the option of rendering with display lists, vertex arrays, or none of the above.

I am running the application on an intel dual Xeon system with 8 gig of ram, a quadro FX 4400 graphics card and a 2.6.17 kernal. I am using the 180.51 version of the nvidia driver. The problem I am having is that as I up the triangle count when using display lists I reach a point where the rendering window boarder only is drawn and the application never renders to that window. The application runs the specified amount of time and reports no errors opengl or otherwise. This behavior is not present if I run the 169.09 version of the nvidia driver. I can successfully render about 2 million triangles on either driver but 8 million triangles fails under the 180.51 driver.

For the smaller triangle count the performance of the 180.51 driver is much better than the 169.09 driver. I get 4.7 frames per second for 2 million triangles on 169.09 and 33 frames per second with the 180.51 driver. This performance is consistent across computers as I have also tested both drivers on an FX 8800 equipped linux box with a single dual core processor and 4 gig of ram.

Has anyone had similar experiences?,

Dave Semeraro

It could be that nvidia added some gpu acceleration to the display lists, and that this code has some limits to how much space it might occupy.

That said, 8 million triangles is way to many to be run efficiently with displaylists, i would suggest that you try and use vertex buffer objects instead.