display bug on GeForce3

I wrote a small game, using OpenGL, and I’m having a display bug on GeForce3.
It’s a really simple app (it’s a game, not a technical demo), it doesn’t use any extensions (only textured cubes
with some blending).
the game works fine on GeForce2, and on GeForce3 with antialiasing turned ON
(2x, quincux, or 4x)
but, when I turn OFF the antialising, some lines appear on the textured faces.

you can find some screenshots here: http://oplayez.free.fr/perso/
the game can be found here: http://oplayez.free.fr/mymahj34.exe

I tried with the drivers 30.82 and 40.71

Is it a driver bug ?
If not, how can I fix that ?

I submitted to DeveloperRelations@nvidia.com, but I have no reply yet.

I don’t own any GeForce3, so it’s hard to debug. Anybody experienced something like that. The fake bump mapping effect uses 3 passes. I wrote a 2 passes version (only 2 texture units on GeForce2) and I had the same display bug.

Same thing occures on my Radeon 8500, so I guess it’s an application error.
Out of my own experience, don’t expect replies from DeveloperRelations@nvidia.com, they don’t appreciate receiving bug reports

Nice game though

Do you have GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH enabled?
With improper blending modes and no front-to-back sorting this might produce the yellow lines. I’ve read POLYGON_SMOOTH is not applied in AA modes, so no artifacts there.

Yes, I have GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH enabled.

> I’ve read POLYGON_SMOOTH is not applied in
> AA modes, so no artifacts there.

That would explain it !
I’ll try this evening.
Thanks for your help!