Display a text in OpenGL ES

Hi to all!

How can I display a non-static string (eg. number of frames per second) in a OpenGL ES window?

Thank you in advance.


Check the PowerVR SDK it contains tools functions which include text output. Download available here :

Link To SDK Download


GLUT|ES has the functionality you need.

the fonts do not display correctly on dell x50v

did i miss something ?

I think the better way to do this is texture mapping!

That is exactly how the text-support (called Print3D) works, in the PowerVR SDKs.

You can download the source code here: http://www.pvrdev.com/Pub/MBX/Download/

I have linked http://www.pvrdev.com/Pub/MBX/Download/
but this link is changed to http://www.imgtec.com/PowerVR/insider/index.asp

could you tell me where can i download about (Print3D)??

And Do you know the best way to draw text in Opengl-es??

All the SDKs, including the Dell Axim SDKs, are on this page: http://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/D … owerVRSDKs

The SDKs from PowerVR include a Tools library, which includes a module called PVRTPrint3D - this is code to draw text using texture-mapped polygons, by far the best way to draw text in OpenGL ES.

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