Disappoiting performances on textured mesh

Hi All,

  1. Without textures the model rotate easily on screen
  2. With textures and zoomed away (very small on screen) the model rotate easily on screen
  3. With textures and zoomed in (very big on screen) the model almost DOESN’T rotate! :confused:

What is the first thing to check in this case? Should I add Mipmaps?

Thanks again,


Most likely, you don’t have hardware acceleration. Have you installed the latest drivers from nVidia/ATI/whatever?

Oh, and this belongs in the beginners forum.

I see two possible causes:
-you don’t have hardware acceleration - that means your pixel format is not selected properly or you have wrong drivers. Check what glGetString(GL_RENDERER) returns.
-your rotation speed depends on framerate - this is design problem. It happens when you rotate the object by the same step every frame. Except for rotating by mouse you should scale your rotation speed by current frame time.

Did you checked errors? Try using glGetError

since you posted something about NPOT textures, i assume the texture you use is NPOT? maybe NPOT textures are not hardware accelerated on your gpu and therefore you will have better performance with a POT texture.