disappearing objects

I am porting a renderer from windows to mac, and everything works great on the windows machine. The problem I’m running into is objects disappearing. Static objects don’t disappear, but after a few simple animation, the objects that are animating disappear.

I am using display lists, and my pop/push calls seem to be matched.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Probably your stack size is too small?

Do you make it for Classic MacOS or for MacOS X?

>Probably your stack size is too small?
>Do you make it for Classic MacOS or for MacOS X?

I’m building under MacOSX.

Thanks for the idea, I’m only using one stack size of one. I’m just sort of confused as to why the same opengl code would display differently on a win32 machine. The same animation on a win32 plays without objects disappearing. The only differences are the WGL and AGL calls.


I assume you remembered to request a depth buffer of at least 16 bits?

Problem resolved!

We found a problem with the JNI calls. Since everything except rendering is handled with java, the java object sends it’s transformation changes to the renderer for update. Originally we were sending 16 doubles for the new matrix. Apparently the doubles we were sending from java were not the same values that JNI received. We’re not really sure how or why that is happening. When changed all the values to floats, which created a similar effect. Resulting in changing the function entirely so that we send a jobject from java and then parse out the matrix in JNI. That method seems to work.

glad that’s over.

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