Disappearing faces, objects

I have a rather strange problem. I create a cube made out of GL_TRIANGLES, and store it into a list. Then using this list I create another list which makes an array of 3x3x3 cubes (like Rubik’s cube). In the main cycle of my small program I call this later list, and rotate it around the origin. This works allright, until some off the cubes gets offscreen. They simply disappear, and when the cube rotates on there are only 3x3x2 cubes left.
Can you give me any clue, what can be wrong?

Could u send some code of this ?

This forum has a magical effects. After sending the source to JC i’ve checked it again - probably this was the 256th check- and found the bug.
In the main loop there was a glPushMatrix without glPopMatrix, so the stack overflow might cause the problem.
Now it works fine.
The moral of the story: Name do predestines you! )