Disabling VSynch / RedHat 9.0 / NVidia

I just switched to RH9 (Shrike) and It seems that my display has vertical synch locked in and I can’t get more than 60 FPS on any OpenGL based app. Is there a way to disable VSync for OpenGL as there is on Windows/nVidia drivers?

Seems as though the vsyinc is off by default on my Redhat 9 system. Try running glxgears from the command line. Let it run for a little while and it will print out your framerate in the console/terminal window. Not sure why but it does occasionally kill the KWin process which means you’ll have to log out and log back in.

He doesn’t mention if he’s using GNOME or KDE, but as it’s RH, I’d assume GNOME, which uses Metacity instead of KWin…

Anyway, as mentioned in the README you should be able to disable it by setting the __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK env var to zero.

I’m using KDE. I’ll try the glxgears thing monday when I go back to work. Any other ideas anyone?

Does that env var actually work or not? ??

btw. There’s also a nice tool for handling those options using Qt: http://yanc.sourceforge.net

btw2. My previous comment was stupid, please ignore…
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Originally posted by richardve:
Does that env var actually work or not? ??

Not for me it doesn’t.

Oh Man, that Yanc looks like it might be just what I need … Thx for the tip …


yanc => r0x0rz!



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