Directx 7 support direct draw in video memory. How about Vulkan ?

In Vulkan we can draw direct in video memory without shaders and graphicpipeline ?

Copy an image to VRAM, set it into Presentable layout and use present like you normally do with rendered images . No idea why turn Vulkan into worse Win32 draw API, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Not hard.
But Vulkan API new. And how exactly do this.
This is would interesting !

Maybe there are several variants to do this. And I would like to hear all variants, how do this.
How i planed. Get access to SwapChain Image and fill Swapchain Image. Then do simple flip this image to screen.

What do you mean by “draw direct in video memory”? How do you define “draw”?

If you’re talking about what DirectDraw does, you’re basically talking about performing blitting operations. Vulkan has memory copies, but these aren’t really blitting operations. Or at least, they don’t do things like perform color keying that DirectDraw blits allow. If you want the equivalent of that, you’re going to need to perform a rendering operation. Similarly, drawing lines, colored rectangles, and other kinds of DirectDraw primitives are rendering operations in Vulkan.

The problems that DirectDraw solves aren’t the problems that Vulkan is intended to solve.

Alfonse Reinheart you right !
Directx 7 not draw direct in video memory.
Directx 7 get me map memory(i simple fill this memory) and itself DX 7 through time, sends my data to GPU. Something like UNIFORM_BUFFER in Vulkan (we simple fill data in map memory and Vulkan itself sends this to GPU).
Very comfortably.

O ! New variant. I create texture on GPU(shared on CPU and GPU) memory and map this texture and fill map-memory and get to fly changes in Vulkan render.
Something like animated textures.