Direct3D better than OpenGL??

Sincerilly, Direct3D is way much better than OpenGL. I have an intel 810 chipset. I got the newest drivers from intel website. And games run like hell!! When I install the drivers version 4, then 5, and now Version6.0 I install the OpenGL drivers and tell me my currently drivers are newer than the ones coming from the setup. For example, in Unrealtournament, I run the game in Direct3D, and the graphics are amazing!! When I run the game in OpenGL, the game is slow, or frozes, or crashes.

The point is that OpenGL drivers ARE NOT better than Direct3D. In another words, OPENGL SUCKS!!! MICROSOFT DIRECT3D ROCKS!!!

My computer:
Intel Pentium III Processor at 800 Mhz.(Right now, overclock, and running at 1GHz!!)
320 Mb of RAM
Intel 82810-DC Graphic Chipset.
Windows 98 Second Edition
Compaq iPaq

That was an interesting statement…

But we really don’t care !


And by the way, who ask your opinion?

If so… then explain why Maya or Softimage have no D3d support then? >

built in graphics? Yeah real high performance…

Ha ha

I am amazed you could play UT in OpenGL mode.
I have never get it going. Its just a experiment mode.
My opininon its that it is far more problem with OpenGL but you get better graphic.
Check the MDK2 out great graphics whith wonderful surfaces. In the matter of programming I have no idea wich one is best.

No really, JesusLink, I can not see the point of registering on an OpenGL forum to come and say “OpenGL is ****, blah blah blah”… You registered 2 days ago and posted only two insulting messages…

Why don’t you sign up for a D3D Forum and say “Your API turns me on” ??? That would be much more productive…

If you don’t like OpenGL, simply uninstall Q1, Q2, Q3Arena, SOF, and others (that you probably downloaded somewhere and not even bought anyway…).

And if you are really wondering why WE think that OpenGL is better than D3D, you can search the forum with the keyword “Direct3D”. There was a thread a while ago where a lot of developers explained why they preferred one API or the other…

I don’t remember any of them was arrogant though…


>>The point is that OpenGL drivers ARE NOT better than Direct3D

Well, thats not a problem related to OpenGL, its Intel’s problem in your case. THEY are the one providing you with drivers. And if they provide bad drivers, well, too bad for you, get another graphics board, or whatever, with better OpenGL support. So basically you are telling us that Intel’s implementation of OpenGL is crap. I (and a lot more I suppose) really don’t care, because we are using drivers from different manufacturers.

>>For example, in Unrealtournament, I run the game in Direct3D, and the graphics are amazing!! When I run the game in OpenGL, the game is slow, or frozes, or crashes.

As far as I know, OpenGL support in UT is just for testing purpose, and not a seriuos implementation. D3D was their main target. That’s why OpenGL MIGH work bad in UT. On my machine, it’s working outstanding.

>>Right now, overclock, and running at 1GHz!!

And? Do we really care? Only cheap sods buy slower processors and overclock them. You couldn’t afford a pure 1GHz or what? But if you really thing someone care, I can say I’m running a dual PIII 733 MHz, which isn’t overclocked at all.

Well… you got a point guys… I am just a beginner in here. I just want to know why unrealtournament crash. And now, I know. By they way, isn’t a demo.

well jesuslink doesnt have to tell everyone hes a newbie cause if he knew anything he would know that unreal tournament doesnt run in opengl yet because its only experimental and ment to be ran in D3D for now. I suggest you take your precious D3D and go try and play Quake 3 … oops you cant and if your playing a game like Counter-Strike in D3D you dont get the benefit of seeing everyones spray logos because you cant in D3D only in opengl, just an example. The original unreal was designed for 3dfx glide and D3D is closest to it which is why unreal tournament is ran in D3D and opengl is experimental and not fully supported.