Direct3d and 3dsMax objects in OpenGL???


I have a few questions about importing objects in opengl.

  • how can i import a 3dsmax object in openGL in Visual C. I heard that could be done but i don’t know how.

  • i heard that’d be easier to draw objects in direct3d and than to import them in an opengl application. please tell me how if you know.

thank you!

I’m also looking for that, so far, no success. I’ll tell you what i know.

There is a program(may be bunch of files) called 3DS loader. I don’t know how to use it. I don’t know whether it should used like a function call or it gives the idea of how to decode the junks from 3ds file. Check this link for more info
I found this link from a posting with similar topic but not much info in that posting.

Hope this will help you.

if you got an idea of how it works or how to use it, please let me know


there are lots of examples on the net showing how to load for example ase or 3ds files which are exported by 3DSMax…
read this first:

.ase is good format but you can start with .asc it is easier but it dont have the correct uv’s than use .ase then use .3ds

Try Display3DS … includes legible source code.