Direct rendering

Hi world!
I’m a newbie in OpenGL and I’m asking to me if it is possible to display an image coming from a frame grabber directly to the video card. Without using local memory…
My OS is Win2K and I use VC++6.
If it’s possible, how to do that?
I suppose I must send ONLY a client DC (device context) to OpenGL.
I think this technique is call “Direct rendering” but I’m not sur.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Here is something I found on direct rendering. This is for running on X so you will need unix or a unix like OS like linux, BSD, MAC OS X (which uses darwin), etc. But at least there is source code there so that may help somewhat.

Why do you want to use opengl for this? The image comming from the frame grabber will be just a 2d image and opengl is for 3d. I guess maybe if you want to slap this image as a texture on a 3d surface or something. Why not just use GDI or for faster video access, direct draw 7? This is of course for rendering the image once you have it from the frame grabber.


You’re right… I esitated between OpenGL and Direct Draw but now I’m sur. I’ll use directdraw.
Thanks for your advice…