Direct rendering in client/server evironment

I’ve got a problem.
There are two computers with RH9
both installed Mesa and DRI drivers for Matrox G400. Glxinfo shows me Direct rendering localy for both.

But when I use first computer like terminal server and like workstation second one. I couldn’t get direct rendering.

By definition, the application and the display have to be on the same system for direct rendering. If the app is running on one box and displaying on another, that’s indirect rendering. Period. Direct rendering means that the GL library that the app is using will directly access the hardware (basically). Can’t really do direct register writes over a network.

My question is - where does it render textures on CPU or GPU?
Looks mach slower in comparison with one box operations.

Right now the open-source drivers (which is all that exists for G400) don’t support hardware accelerated indirect rendering. I believe that the closed-source drivers from Nvidia and ATI do.

I’ve got several cards.
With nVidia FX5700 works well. glxinfo gives me
OpenGL renderer string: GeForce FX 5700/AGP/SSE2 in place InDirect Rendering.

But with ATI 9xxx same thing. It make software rendering on CPU.

Somebody could explain me how to solve it?

Originally posted by PeshaShulc:
But with ATI 9xxx same thing. It make software rendering on CPU.

Check your XFree86 startup log for errors concerning loading of DRI support. And remove MESA if you are using cards that support HW accelerated OpenGL(ATI/NVIDIA at least).

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