Direct Hardwareaccess and Assembler

Hi there - I’m new to this group so Greetings to everyone.

My Question: I just played a little bit around with those OpenGL C++ librarys to make some scenes run. I discovered that my Graphics-Card seems to be really slow. After playing some games on my machine I resolved the fact my card is fast enough to do that stuff. Now I am thinking about what the difference between OpenGL and DirectX could be?
I heard about methods for drawing my complete “List” directly into my card. Do someone know how to do like this? Or is there anyone who can give me a quick dip of Assemblerstuff?
I suppose my goal is a bad behaviour of mine, but I need to go under the clothes of my machine. I’m nerd about going to final frontier.



I really can’t speak about DirectX (never spent too much time on it) but for OpenGL there’s only some limited for of assembly.
This assembly like thing is used for vertex and fragment programs.
All the other stuff is done using an higher-level C api and I am quite sure using assembler would just be time put down the sink. It’s quite likely each video card will have its own, vendor-specific and chip-specific assembler, which is kept strictly unknown by vendors for obvious reasons.

Maybe I’ve not got the question?

By the way, I guess you should have posted this in beginner’s forum.

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This sounds like a beginner’s question.

Here’s a suggestion: do glGetString() on GL_VENDOR and make sure it doesn’t contain the string “Microsoft”. If it does, you’re not getting hardware acceleration, probably because of insufficient drivers.

Traditional Assembler doesn’t come into play when dealing with OpenGL at the API level at all.