digital paintball not working in OPENGL help!!!

I have half life digital paintball and when I try to switch software to opengl. When I change it, the computer automatically says that OpenGl wont open. I was wondering what I should do to make this work! PLEEEEEEEEZ help me. I would really appritiate if anyone can help me make this work.

Dane :confused:

The question talks a bit more concretly!!!

easy to make it work : buy a new NVidia or ATI card.

… or tell more details about your hardware, os, video card, ram etc.

My computer has:
Microsoft Windows XP
Home edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 1

256MB of RAM

my cp number: 55277-OEM-0041097-56162
and thats all i can think of for the computer information

how or where can i buy a card or what ever you told me about

how or where can i buy a card or what ever you told me about
You don’t have computer shops where you live?

you : “Hello sir, what a fine establishment you have here”
salesman : “Thank you young man. How may I help you.”
you : “How would like to purchase a card. Here’s the money.”
salesman “Excellent. There you are, and enjoy your new card.”
you : “Thanks you, Have you a good day.”
salesman : “My pleasure, and have a nice day as well.”