Difficulty in finding OpenGL drivers for SiS650


I have linux box running on ASUS A7S266-VM/U2 which has AGP4x support on board. I need OpenGL drivers for the same and SiS doesn’t seems to supply one for my configuration.

Can anyone help me in locating appropriate drivers over Linux Platform (Fedora Core 2)


is SiS also your video graphics “controller”?

I’m afraid that you have to buy an nvidia card if you want any decent opengl support. GeForce3 is dirty cheap now.

do you need a driver for the AGP slot or an onboard vid card?

If it for a card - isn’t the sis650 a TNT2 card? - and in that case you could just use the driver from www.nvidia.com

If your speaking about the AGP then goto the fedora faq or ask the question in the fedora irc help room

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