Different types of Vertex Arrays

Hey guys, i got a theoretical exam of openGL on thursday. One of the questions might be:

Which types of vertex arrays exist (name three of them)?

I’ve done some research but i can’t seem to find the answer to this question.

Can anyone help me out plz

Thanks in advance

This is a really strange question. I don’t understand it at all. AFAIK there are only VA and CVA (compiled vertex arrays).
Perhaps it is just (very) badly worded and they want to know about pre defined vertex attribute arrays specified by glXYZPointer functions (with XYZ != VertexAttrib) but this is only a (very) wild guess.

Hmmm the question was in the list or my teacher uses the wrong terminology or there must be some kind of logical explanataion. Does anybody else got an idea what the answer could be please?

It’s a stupid question from a teacher that don’t know how to program with OpenGL these days.

Answer: Vertex, Normal, Color, Texcoord, etc…


So to be sure, is it this what yo mean:

do you also know what the first three are used for?

You can read that in OpenGL specification: http://www.opengl.org/registry/doc/glspec21.20061201.pdf (sections 2.7-2.8, page 20).

Poorly worded question. One type (classification) is described by the replies you’ve gotten thus far (vertex, normal, color0, texcoord0, etc.).

Another type/classification is where the vertex arrays are stored:

  • client-side vertex arrays
  • server-side vertex arrays (i.e. VBOs)

Another typ/classification is how the data is formatted in memory:

  • non-interleaved vertex arrays
  • interleaved vertex arrays

However if the question states “name 3 of them” then the first classification is probably the one the teacher is thinking of.