Different rotation for different vertices

Would like to find out if it is possible to perform rotation for point a and a different rotation for point b.

Facing problem because I would like to get my stickman to simulate the walking action.

That would require skeletal animation. You either would code a vertex shader that does skeletal animation or you compute the vertices yourself and update a VBO (if you are using VBOs).

Yes as stated this is skeletal animation but typically it is called skinning, and your bone animations are indexed and used with weighted values by each vertex.

Look up vertex skinning and bone weights etc.

A stickman is a very simple case, each stick has its own transformation matrix, essentially a stick man is the precursor to a skin and there’s a lot of animation overhead per stick if that’s all you’re rendering.

P.S. animation systems that implement this use motion capture or inverse kinematic rigs that artists manipulate to actually animate the motion.

thanks guys! will check that out…

Basically I’m want to use OpenGL to simulate a stickman walking which is very much like the skeletal animation that was mentioned.

@dorbie: I currently have the rotation values for each stick but when I use glRotatef, all the sticks follow this rotation. So how do I make it so that only the stick I require rotates?