Different rendering on different devices

Hi, I am using open GL 1.0 in an android pool app. I see a lot of difference in how the pool table mesh model is rendered on samsung galaxy s captivate running (android 2.1-update) and motorola droid runing (android 2.2). Attached are screen shots. Note the table bed. In samsung captivate the bed is smooth as it should be, however in motorola droid it is being shown as distinct rectangles as if it were some kind of tiled floor.

I have generic question about different devices. Will the rendering be dependant on device drivers implementing openGL calls or is this related to android 2.1-update vs android 2.2

Is there anything at all I can do to get same kind of rendering of table bed on motorola droid (running android 2.2-update) as I am getting on samsung captivate.

Samsung captivate (renders fine)

Motorola droid (not fine)