Different numbe of vertex and normals


I am just trying to load the COLLADA files. I cretaed a document with blender with two cameras, two meshes and one light. When I’m parsing the meshes I find that the number of vertex is 2982 with accesor count 994, but the number of normals is 3072 with accesos count 1024. How are they handle? I want to load this models with openGL. I’m using DOM.

One more question about Collada DOM. If I create an extension to support scripts, will this extra tags be erased in an open/save operation with COLLADA DOM? and what would happen with FCollada?

Collada uses what I call “non-unified indices”. Here’s an excerpt from another thread where I try to explain:

The DOM will preserve the <extra> elements. I’m not sure what FCollada does.


Thanks buddy.

The number of vertex is always bigger or equal than the number of any other attribute stream right?

That isn’t necessarily the case, no.