Different frame results

Hi All,

We have a serious issue we don’t know how to solve.

Load a model on screen looks fine with each object with the proper color.

Rotate the view once all the objects are yellow (ignoring all the glColor3ub() calls).

We installed glIntercept to check differences between the two redraw opengl calls but no difference arises.

What else can we do? Thanks.



How is it possible that a call to glColor3ub() is ignored? I think this is the only clue we have.

No OpenGL errors at all.

How can we discover where the problem is if OpenGL is using different colors from the OpenGL calls we do? It also happens only with some models that mix wireframe and shaded calls. Thanks.


sounds to me like the open GL state is not being preserved between drawing each of the models.
Perhaps you have missed of a glpushattrib/glpopattrib pair only even worse, only performed a push without the corresponding pop.

Hi BionicBytes

We have thousands of lines of code, what is the best way to debug this kind of issues?