Different Blending Techniques

Hi, I am trying to make seamless texturing in my OpenGL app. I am currently using different textures, 1 of the starting texture (sand), 1 of the inbetween texture (sand blending into grass) and 1 of the final texture (grass).

Is there any way to create the merged texture in OpenGL? So that the first fades into the last? I noticed the size increase in my app with all the textures ans was hoping for a way to create most of them from within OpenGl.

Alpha blending works great for this sort of thing, single- or multi-pass flavors.

Hmm, not really. I dont want one image entirely faded over the other. If I could pass it for each line of each texture so the top one became more transparent towards the bottom, that would work.

To avoid using more texture memory, you can fiddle with vertex alpha, it is linearly interpolated between vertices.

Cool, sounds like what I need. I will take a look.

How can you do this in a single pass (without shaders)? Is there a way to specify different vertex alpha values for each multitexture layer?