Differences between XP & 98

I’ve just recently begun using OpenGL after a quick primer in Windows programming. The computer at school ran my little app with no prob, but when I brought it home it hung at the wglCreateContext call. School uses Win '98, and I use Win XP at home. Are there differences that would cause this, or am I just missing something? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi !

Just for the record, Windows98 and WindowsXP has very little in common under the hood.

But your application should work fine anyway, XP comes with OpenGL support built in so there is nothing to worry about.

What graphics card do you have ?, do you use thedrivers that came with XP or have you downloaded drivers your self, can you run other OpenGL application ?, try the OpenGL screen savers for example or download any simple OpenGL application and try and see if that works.

If it does, then you can be pretty sure that you have messed something up in your code.

XP is much more picky about wacky code then Windows98 so that could be the problem.

Debug your code just before you call thw wgl function and see if everything look’s ok.

Hope that helps a bit.