Did we get exclusive full screen mode in Vulkan ?

In vulkan spec 1.0.05 i read about VK_EXT_KHR_display page 512.
In some environments applications can also present Vulkan rendering directly to display devices without using an
intermediate windowing system.

In Directx 11 we have full screen mode.
In Mantle we have exclusive full screen mode (without window).

Did we get exclusive mode for Vulkan and rendering without window ?
And how long we wait this ?!!!

AFAIK despite the term being thrown around a lot on internet, there’s no such thing as “exclusive fullscreen”.

In Windows there is either “borderless fullscreen” (makes window over current resolution) or “temporary fullscreen” (changes resolution and doesn’t bother scaling background windows and reverts the resolution change back after the foreground window closes). Both are achievable by Windows API and as such are supported by Vulkan.

VK_EXT_KHR_display is probably meant for environments without its own window manager (that is, not Windows, most Linux distributions nor Android). (BTW does anyone know any platform that exposes that extension?)

On a side note: In modern OS wanting to draw without a window is bit like wanting to compute without a process.

Vulkan modern API ?!

Perhaps for this reason in real tests, Vulkan lost to Directx 11 and Mantle API !
Very sad !
Because i waiting more speed from Vulkan, but Vulkan failed :frowning:

Afaik VK_KHR_display is currently only supported by some automotive and embedded platforms. But NVIDIA plans on adding support for it on Linux with one of their next drivers.

What kind of “real tests”??
I do not trust any benchmark I did not falsify myself.

You ask me what kind tests ?!!!
First in Vulkan MSAA(like resolve) done on copy !
Second in Vulkan absent full screen mode !
This two things already gives loss compared to Directx 11 !!!
And second , test i mean games dota2 and princeple of talos. All this games work slower on Vulkan API !

You ask me what kind tests ?!!!
First in Vulkan MSAA(like resolve) done on copy ![/quote]

Just like D3D.

That’s not what KHR_display does. It has just as much of a full-screen mode as D3D.

Perhaps you misunderstood what krOoze meant when he said “tests”.

He meant actual applications, not speculation based on features that you believe are not present and/or are essential for performance.

That is not true. Principle of Talos’s Vulkan renderer does lose in D3D11 tests, but Dota2 is equivalent or better in Vulkan than D3D11. Note that this test is the most recent test I could find, from August, rather than the early February and April ones.

Its funny annarosy