DIB loading

I have this problem running my win32/gl application. Error is “A required .DLL file, GLAUX.DLL was not found”. I’ve gone looking everywhere (Internet, my hard drive…)for this file (and even glaux.lib, if it exists…).

Basically, I just want to load a bitmap for a texture. I’m using the tutorial from nehe.gamedev.net lesson 6. The author’s source code include a .dsp and .dsw file. Mentions about glaux and something about makefiles. (I’ve always had trouble with makefiles, experience with unix)

My compiler is Dev-C++ (and no, the file(s) aren’t in the lib nor include folders…) Somebody please help me… sleepless nights… Thanks.

glaux.dll doesn’t exist, at least not for most systems. The glaux.lib that comes with most windows compilers is a static library, not an import library into a DLL. I think there might have been a post about this one other time. Try doing a search on it here. Maybe someone has put together a glaux.dll for users of Dev-C++. I think there was a solution offered, but I don’t remember what it was.

glaux came on older VC installs. It’s quite buggy and has been superceded.