dialog box?

i created a simple program where user can just right-click and a simple menu pops-up… from the menu, user can select options such as creating a cube, turning lights on/off etc…

what i want to do now is add options for user to do translation & scaling of the object… so how do i make a dialog box pop up from the menu option of translation and let user enter the x,y,z value they want to translate?


Are you using only OpenGL ?
I suggest you to use another API, it depends of your platform application: GDI, Win32, WxWidgets (under windows), GTK etc… (under !NIX)

hope that helps

yes, i am using only opengl with C++… thanks for your suggestions… but if i use those API, does it mean i need to change my code totally? or can it just be easily implemented into my existing code?


Yes, concerning win APIs, not totally but a majority, specially the framework part (window, menu, pop-up etc…).

I don’t understand how you can create a framework (windows, menu…) only with OpenGL, this lib need SDL, Win32, GLUT or somthing else…

some libs : GLui