Developing OpenGL STEREO on NVIDIA - need help


I have a computer with an NVIDIA graphics card GeForce 2, running
Windows 2000. I wish to run a simple OpenGL program on this computer
in STEREO, using any windowing program. Does anyone have any example
programs/applications that can do this correctly? Please let me know
if I need to set anything else on my computer. (The NVIDIA STEREO test
application works fine so I know my hardware is probably setup

I tried a glut-based stereo program already and got the following
" FATAL ERROR GLUT: Pixel format with necessary capabilities not

Has anyone done stereo on NVIDIA on Windows 2000/NT in OpenGL?

I would appreciate any help.


If your card supports stereo then the correct driver allows you to toggle stereo on/off via the kb. Programming wise, you don’t need to do anything, the driver handles it.